Thursday, September 16, 2010

Celebrating Liam and Peyton

He looks like such a little boy now, not a baby. He frequently reminds me that he is a big boy.

Peyton had her hair bobbed before school started. She looks so grown up to me.

I have been sorely neglecting this space lately. We have recently moved from our home of 17 years back to where I grew up and it's been crazy! I wanted to post a few pictures of Liam's 4 year old birthday celebration and of Peyton's first day of school.

We took the kids to Baltimore for their birthdays so we just did simple cakes at home on the actual birth date. Liam chose a gingerbread man shaped cake and then he and Peyton did all the decorations (after I iced it). They loved decorating their cakes this year.

Peyton's first day of 1st grade went well. She was so nervous, but when we picked her up she said, "I had a great day!" Things have been going well for her. She likes her teacher and has been making friends. I'm just concerned that she's going to be bored. The vocabulary and spelling words that are coming home are so easy. She is reading on a 2nd grade level and the words are more like kindergarten words. We keep thinking these first few weeks will be review and then they'll move on to harder things. If not, Mark and I are going to talk to her teacher about sending home harder words and more challenging things to read. She balks at doing her homework because she says it is boring. They have a spelling/ vocab test this week and a math readiness quiz. Hopefully that will help her teacher to challenge her.