Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Flying Squirrels....or how we spent our July 4th

The first inning - Richmond Squirrels v. Trenton Thunder

Our kids with Nutsy
Lots and lots of rain

Just before the game was cancelled

Mark and I took our children to a Richmond Squirrels baseball game on the 4th of July. I was so excited to take them because the after game fireworks are always awesome. We bought tickets through our church and saw some faces we knew and we met some new friends too. As we left for the baseball diamond, the clouds were building and the weather report was pretty ominous, but we hoped it would be a quick storm and that we would be able to see the whole game. Well.....after an inning and a half, they called a rain delay.

We took the kids to the concession area and got some junk food (really isn't that the best part of county fairs and ball games)! We found a dry place and tried to stay warm. The wind was blowing rain all over the place and it was cold. Our poor kids were freezing. The power also went out briefly. We could see the road and the cars were driving through lots of puddles. It was a pretty intense storm. We roamed around and ate more junk, dessert this time, and waited for the officials to either cancel or to continue to the delay. They finally canceled so we left for home. We found out later that they ended up doing the fireworks, but really really late.

Liam and Peyton were such great sports. They thought it was a great adventure and not one complaint was spoken. I was so proud of them for being so flexible and for making it fun, in spite of a really bad storm. We are planning to go back later this season to catch a game and fireworks!