Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Kindergarten

"Dere Kindorgordin i wud like you to cume to my culas-sow you can red books and play with furens"

Translation - Dear Kindergarten, I would like you to come to my class so you can read books and play with friends.

Peyton left this note on the white board and I thought it was precious. Her reading is taking off and she often reads the complicated words but mixes up the easy ones like it and if. She is so curious about spelling and mostly spells phonetically. She will ask for help once in a while, but really wants to do it herself. We let her read our Advent reading last night and I couldn't believe how well she did. Only 4 days of school left until her winter break! Liam has preschool next week Monday - Wednesday and then he's off too. I'm so looking forward to having us all at home!

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