Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still's getting a little bit old

Taking advantage of some sunshine to play

Our fantastic neighbor plowed us out several times. He was dumping snow on the kid's HUGE pile and they were so excited!Mark used one of the big piles in our yard to build another igloo for Peyton. Later he dug all the way through and made a tunnel!

We still have loads of snow on the ground, but the falling snow has stopped for now. The forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday had called for an additional 5-12" in our area, but we only got about 3 inches! School was closed again today and JMU closed too so Mark is working from home again. The sun broke out from the clouds about an hour ago and it's really windy. There is a lot of snow blowing around and falling off of trees. I'm not sure if we'll venture out today or if we'll just stay in and find things to do.

Peyton and Liam have really been troopers. They have been really great at entertaining themselves and in going with the flow. We have been out of the routine for almost two weeks and it hasn't been easy on anyone, but we definitely feel blessed to have plenty to eat and that our power stayed on. Family members lost power and have not had an easy time at all. The snow is still really white and pretty too. It hasn't been driven on or plowed up yet so it's not grungy and dirty. I'm crossing my fingers that the city will get to our roads this afternoon so the kids can get back to school tomorrow. I don't want them to be going to school in late June!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

I think it's getting old here too! I just hit Target to buy some activities to save me tomorrow because school is already canceled!