Friday, March 12, 2010

Signs of spring

Signs of spring are everywhere. It seems so odd that just a few weeks ago we were blanketed in about 2 feet of snow and now the daffodils are poking out of the ground and my chives are growing! I love seeing these little reminders that spring is here. I love hearing the birds chirping, seeing spots of green in our otherwise brown yard, and opening the windows during the day. I bought tulips from the grocery store this week and they are so pretty. Peyton wanted to plant tulip bulbs in the fall and I forgot, so we have to do it this fall.

I think after this very snowy winter, I am just feeling relieved that a new season is here. I am so excited about things that are happening in our church family and am so blessed to be a part of that. I am excited to share Easter with my children and to talk about what it means. They have been talking about egg hunts and Easter candy and we've been reminding them that Easter is first and foremost about the resurrection of Jesus. They are so young, but I desperately want them to be rooted in the church, in God's word, and to develop a relationship with Him. I wish that I had more of a relationship with Him when I was younger. I just wasn't at that point in the journey, the point where I am now.

I am grateful for reading my Bible each day, for having praying friends, for a husband and family that I love, but most importantly, for having a risen and living Savior! How awesome to think that Jesus walked the Earth, died for me, and now works through me. I can have an impact for Him if I just listen and obey. It just blows my mind, inspires me, humbles me, and breaks me. So this Lenten/ Easter season I'm focusing on Him, the one who forgave me and continues to forgive me. The one who just asks me to come, not to come to Him perfectly clean and on my own merits, but offering a free gift of salvation to me, a free forgiveness of my sins. It's awesome!


Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh, I want to go check on my flowers! I just got home from vaca. and the weather is so beautiful here!

Katie said...

Inspirational & lovely to hear the hope & faith in your voice. Happy Easter season to you & your family.