Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fun in the Sprinklers

One of the features of our new house is the built-in sprinkler system. We have never had one before and didn't think we would use it to water the grass. But last week when we had temperatures in the 100's, Mark found a great way to cool off our kids! They loved running around the yard through the sprinklers and we didn't have to haul out the hose!

Peyton is done with school in 4 more days and we are so excited for the end! I am ready to sleep in past 5am and to not have to rush around in the mornings. Liam has already done his kindergarten orientation and is ready to join his sister on the bus in the fall. I think the nicest thing will be having both kids on the same schedule. It will be nice to not be running one over to the preschool and having to get there for noon pickup. I get sad about them growing up, but there are nice things too.

I'll post our summer list of things we're hoping to do later this week!

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Yarny Days said...

This is such a great picture. Really captures the moment.