Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy birthday, Peyton

Peyton had her 7th birthday on July 30. It seems like just yesterday that I was holding her in my arms and she was brand new.

Peyton, we love your sweet smile, your sense of humor, and your desire to be such a helper. You are so independent and smart. I am amazed at how you have blossomed into such a sweet and wonderful young lady. I hope you know just how much your mama and dad love you!

We kept the birthday low key this year. On her actual birthday we were in Fredericksburg celebrating her great-uncle's 80th birthday, so we celebrated on the 29th. We baked a cake from scratch and then iced and decorated it. Peyton did most of the work and her results were impressive!

When she woke up on the 29th, we had balloons and a happy birthday sign on her chair. She ate cake with her breakfast and then she and Liam went to the last day of vacation Bible school. We let her open her gift that evening after dinner.
A digital camera! Peyton has been asking for one and we told her as long as she takes care of it, we'll let her use it as she wants. She has spent a lot of time taking pictures of everything, her dolls, her brother, her dog!

Really, Peyton had a birthday week. She celebrated with her Nonna and then celebrated with her Granna, Grandad, and cousins. And now this week we have one more birthday thing to do, a movie and lunch with some friends from church. I think I'll take my cues from her and have a birthday week too!

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Yarny Days said...

Happy Birthday! And I am loving the cake!