Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1

I am having a very hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that Christmas is in just a few short weeks.  I feel like November flew by and even Thanksgiving was a blur.  The night before Thanksgiving I told Mark I really couldn't believe we were going to be cooking a turkey that next day.  I felt like it was the beginning of the month.  It doesn't help that it was such a warm day.

Temperatures have dipped and the bus stop walk has been cold the past two days!  This morning I made the kids put on their warm coats and Liam said, "I hate this coat.  It makes me feel like a barge!"  It was really hard not to laugh, but I told him he had to wear it to stay warm.  I don't think anyone really likes wearing bulky winter coats, but I definitely appreciate mine when it's below freezing!

We decorated the house the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend.  The nativity sets are out, the stockings are up, and the s'more ornament tree is up.  We won't get our live tree for another few weeks.  We are late tree people, for sure! 

I love this time of year, not for the great shopping deals or the time with family.  Those things are nice, but I love reflecting on Christ's birth, thinking about Him coming as a tiny helpless infant.  God incarnate, God with's staggering to think that the Creator of the world came and walked in flesh so that we could know Him.  I love that we can have a meaningful relationship with Him because He came.  That is why I celebrate!

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Susie said...

Very well put. I too feel like thanksgiving flew by. And today is the first day of December, already! We absolutely MUST make time to reflect on what CHRISTmas is all about :-)