Monday, May 18, 2009

Fresh Strawberries!

I took the kids to Weyers Cave to Milky Way Farms this morning. I was hoping to buy a box of pre-picked strawberries to make jam, but they aren't picking for sale yet. You have to pick your own. I was so unprepared, but the kids were willing so we picked two boxes of berries! Peyton and Liam were in their jammies and crocs, but at least they were wearing jackets. It was sunny but chilly in the field, but they were troopers and helped fill the boxes. I think we picked for an hour before we took the wagon out of the field. I made 12 containers of jam this afternoon and I'm freezing some too. I'll make strawberry scones later tonight, once my butter thaws! We even had some to share with the neighbors! I probably could have done with about a box and a half, but we were so excited that we just kept picking!

I might go back next week and pick another box just for freezing. It would be great not to have to buy frozen berries this winter!

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sandla said...

great work by kids