Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swimming with Liam

Liam had his first official swimming lesson last night at a local gym/ wellness center. The class he is taking is called Toddler and Me and I was in the pool with him during the class. He started out a little nervous and kept saying he wanted to go home, but at the end of the half hour he was blowing bubbles and even went underwater! He loved it and is looking forward to going again tomorrow night. I'm so excited to begin encouraging a love of water in our kids. Mark and I love swimming and hanging out on the river, canoeing, etc. I look forward to when our kids are solid swimmers and when we can start going to the pool more often.

Peyton is on a list for private lessons at Bridgewater College. The parks and rec. department won't start swimming lessons until the child is 6 years old, so we're waiting to hear back from BC. They are undergoing pool maintenance and should start lessons in June! She's crazy excited too and was a bit jealous last night. I hope by our beach vacation that they will be able to be in the pool without floaties.

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Jennifer H said...

Hi Tracie,
JMU rec center offers swim lessons for all ages, reasonable prices. They also have family hours on the weekends where you can go and swim with the kids for free (Mark would need to get a UREC card through work). Jennifer