Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy June

We are going through a crazy busy June. Peyton started swimming lessons this week and she is loving it. I have her doing private lessons at Bridgewater College and her instructor is a young man names Jordan. He is wonderfully patient and is doing a great job teaching her. The only problem is that Liam wants desperately to get in the water too! We have a bunch of events coming up, tea with Granna, a cousin's wedding, vacation Bible school, Sunday school picnic, etc. I feel pretty stressed. Things aren't getting done around the house either because the kids are underfoot constantly or we're running out the door. So I'm trying to be at one with the dog hair dust balls!

We took both kids to the Children's Theatre at JMU to see Penny and the Magic Medallion and they loved it. We're hoping to get to another show before the end of summer.

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