Friday, June 26, 2009

Soooooo tired......

I am so tired today. We have had an incredibly busy month and it really hit me today how much I need to sleep. If I could only get into bed before 11 each night....that would help. We have been so busy preparing for Vacation Bible School. I am helping in the crafts room and I had no idea the amount of preparation that went into it. We have all of our supplies and are working on getting them ready to be assembled, cut, glued, etc. I am really excited about it, but I'm also ready for the prep to be done so we can get to the fun part!

Mark has built an amazing train out of mostly scrap wood found around our church building. It is going to be an amazing set piece for the week. We still have to do a little paint touch up on it, move it into the church and then attach the wheels and screw the boiler to the front piece. (I keep forgetting to take my camera to take a picture of it.) We worked on it together one night this week and it made me feel nostalgic for our JMU days when we would build and paint sets together. I actually got to use some power tools this week, not just my usual paint brush. Peyton and Liam have been incredibly patient this week too. We've had them up late and at the church at crazy hours and they haven't complained. They've been a bit more mouthy than normal, but I think it's mostly because of the disruptions of the week.

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Mark said...

It is also important to know that Peyton used the nail-gun. She seemed pretty excited to help.