Friday, October 16, 2009

Fire Trucks in the 'burg

We had quite the incident last night, but we aren't sure exactly what happened. We heard our neighbor's alarm go off, but it was a different alarm than the one that we usually hear (it goes off often). Then a short while later, I looked outside and saw a fire truck parked across the street, then another one came, then another. There were 5 fire trucks on our street and another one further down the road and two fire chief SUVs came too. There was no urgency to their actions, but the firemen were coming and going out of our neighbor's house and they did pull a hose off of a truck, but then they rolled it back up. I did ask one of them if it was carbon monoxide and he shook his head no, but wouldn't say anything else.

It was a little bizarre that so many trucks responded to his alarm. When the burglar alarm sounds, a police officer comes to clear the house. I've talked to the police at few times when that has happened, but this was just weird. I joked with Mark that it was a slow evening for the HFD so they sent all of their trucks to our neighborhood!

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