Monday, May 10, 2010


Dr. Linwood "Flava Flav" Rose (that medallion has got to be heavy)
Liam loved the graduation speaker so much (I actually took pictures through my zoom lens of all the people nodding off in the Convocation Center. He wasn't the only one!)

Mark graduated from JMU with his Master's in Public Administration this past weekend. He worked six years toe earn this degree. It was very exciting to see him walk across the stage and to know that it was over. The kids were troopers through a very long graduation ceremony and were extra excited to eat cake and pie with their dad to celebrate his achievement. Liam knew that our babysitter, Miss Jen, was going to be graduating too and that she would be leaving town once she got a job. He told Mark that he didn't want him to leave. He didn't understand that his dad wasn't going to be leaving town. So incredibly sweet.

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Mark said...

In the picture where I am being hooded please take note of the person behind me, who you can only see half her face. She has a big honking smile because she saw the book I was holding that was covered with a paper that said, in huge letter, "PLEASURE READING".

Also, at that moment Dr. Skelley, who is doing the hooding, was reading the tiny message on my mortarboard. It was on a mailing label, large enough that I knew he would be able to read it, but probably not anyone else--he read it audibly and chuckled: "CLEVER REMARK GOES HERE".

And the coup de grĂ¢ce: I got Dr. Rose to give me a pound before the handshake. I "exploded" mine, and his was a standard fist bump, but I would say it was an successful attempt at adding an appropriately discrete amount of silliness to the overly somber proceedings.