Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We celebrated Mother's Day a week later and it was a fantastic day for me. The kids came in while I was reading my Bible with a sweet little breakfast on a tray. Then they gave me some itunes gift cards and a new hammock! Mark put it up later in the day, but then took it down. We are still trying to decide where to hang it or if we want to go look for a different kind. The place he hung it originally is too narrow. We need to find a spot where the trees are farther apart. I think if we can find a better spot, we'll keep it. It's super comfortable and I can't wait to sit in it and read.

We are insanely busy this week. Liam's preschool has an end of the season program, we have dress rehearsal and then the dance recital, plus fellowship dinner at church, and a church picnic! Lots to do, but mostly fun stuff. Only a week and a half left of preschool and about 3.5 weeks of school until both children are home for the summer. We are already filling the calendar with stuff. I still hope we'll find time to go camping.

This is Liam's reaction when I want to take his picture. He either makes an angry face or runs away screaming!

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