Monday, April 4, 2011

Cupfakes - April Fool's Day

Last year we made fakin' and eggs for April Fool's Day. This year I made cupfakes, which looked exactly like cupcakes, but they were meatloaf with mashed potato "frosting." Mark had to work, so I invited my mom for dinner. I was really hoping Peyton and Liam would be faked out, but as we sat down to dinner, Liam took a lick of the frosting and said, "This is mashed potatoes!" They were delicious and it was fun, even though the kids weren't all that surprised!

We are enjoying some gorgeous spring weather. This past weekend was weird. We went to the park Saturday and had to dodge rain and hail, but Sunday was awesome. A girl at church was talking about planting that day, prepping her garden, etc. and I got the bug to plant. The kids and I went to the Great Big Greenhouse and Meadows Farm and picked up a van full of stuff, coneflowers, black eyed susans, forsythia, mint, and some basil. Liam and Peyton also picked a few other perennials that I can't remember. We spent all of Sunday afternoon outside planting and digging in the dirt. The front yard looks pretty good, but our backyard needs WORK! It's tough to get it done when Mark is working so many weekends, but we are slowly making progress.

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