Thursday, March 31, 2011

I won something

Several weeks ago I entered a giveaway on the Take Heart blog for a soap spitter. These soap dispensers are so fun and whimsical and they're made by Close 2 My Art. I actually won! I was so excited, probably more excited than the rest of my family, but hey, a sock monkey soap dispenser....what's not to be excited about! I love it. We have it in the downstairs bathroom and I think it is incredibly fun. I wanted to thank Danielle for this giveaway too and for making me aware of another place to buy unique, handmade gifts.

I took this picture of my precious kids last week. Aren't they so sweet................... (just look below for their favorite pose!)

They love to make faces for their mama's camera, followed immediately by, "Can we see the picture!"

1 comment:

danielle @ take heart said...

yay for the sock monkey soap spitter! i would have picked that one, too :) have a beautiful day, sweet friend!