Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's with the naked Barbies?

Seriously, what is with the naked Barbies in my house....scratch that, not just Barbies, but all the babies are naked. Meet Cinderella and Jasmine Barbie, just two of the many Disney Princesses that Peyton is obsessed with these days. Her Uncle Farmer gave her some money last weekend and she asked if she could buy a Barbie. I am not a big Barbie fan, but it was her money, so she chose Jasmine and then promptly undressed her when we got home. So now we have naked Jasmine and naked Cinderella lying around the house.

We had a fun, but busy time with Nonna in Richmond this past week. We went to Maymont Park, a beautiful estate in downtown Richmond that I haven't visited in at least 13 years. It was really cool to take the kids there, especially since I spent so much time there as a child. I am really excited for the cooler fall-like weather these days. It has been so nice outside, no humidity, nice cool temperatures...fall is coming!

Here are a few things about fall that I love:
cooler weather
jeans and sandals
the leaves changing color
pumpkins and pumpkin picking
apple cider
our big family bonfire
eating chili and soups that have simmered in the crock pot all day
picking apples and making apple pie

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