Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Such a slacker

Peyton in the entrance to the straw tunnel

Here it is October and I haven't posted a thing yet. We had a very nice visit with Mark's parents in Fairfax last week. My mom came up last Friday and we took the kids to the National Zoo which they loved. We have just been so busy lately. This weekend will be the first weekend we will be home, not traveling, since August! I'm excited about doing nothing. There is a big kid's event that we talked about going to, but we're not. We will probably head to the Farmer's Market to get some local apples for a pie, but that's it. I'm not cleaning or planning anything but lots of lounging around and hanging out as a family. I think we all need a break. I love going to visit family and doing all kinds of activities, but it's exhausting too. Mark is traveling again this week and so I'm sure he will want a break.

The weather is really chilly today and I am loving the fact that I'm wearing long sleeves and sleeping under my heavy quilt at night. The leaves are really just starting to change and there is a gorgeous orange tree at the top of our street. I went with Peyton's preschool class to the pumpkin patch yesterday and we had a great time. We each got a small pumpkin to bring home and they are too cute sitting on our porch. Peyton slipped and fell and hit her head yesterday and had a pretty big lump on it and a big scrape. We got ice on it quickly and she felt better by late afternoon. Fortunately she fell at the end of the field trip so she didn't miss out on anything fun. We are looking forward to another trip to the pumpkin patch next weekend in Ashland with Nonna. Then we'll probably go again the morning of the family bonfire. Lucky kids!

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