Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Celebrating 3

Flying solo down the big slide

Liam loves the "I Spy" books and so he really loved the game
Lincoln Logs were a HUGE hit and now Mark has to build for him constantly

Sweet Liam turned 3 on the first day of school, August 24th, so we celebrated on the Friday before his birthday. He asked to go to Pump it Up, so we went to their open playtime with him. He had never been before but had heard Peyton talk about how great it was. He absolutely loved it. He bounced, he climbed, he slid, he ran, he didn't stop moving for over an hour! The adults were tired by the end of playtime, but he was still full of energy. We told Liam that he could choose our lunch spot for the afternoon and he requested Cracker Barrel. I asked him what he wanted to eat there and he said, "a biscuit and a pancake" and that's exactly what he had. We ended up going out to dinner at the Little Grill Collective that night and two of the servers brought him a cookie and sang happy birthday to him. I think he felt really special.

It's hard to believe that he is already 3 years old. I remember when he was born thinking that I would stay home with the kids for at least a year and it's been 3! Time feels like it is flying. Liam will start preschool in about 3 weeks. We have that open house in 2 weeks. He is already familiar with Kid's Harbor, but it will give him the chance to meet his teacher and to visit his classroom. So many milestones for us lately......

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