Friday, August 14, 2009

My sweet girl..thoughts about kindergarten

In just 10 days my baby will get on the school bus and start kindergarten. I have been a nervous wreck about this ever since I went to kindergarten orientation in May. I know she is ready and I know she is crazy excited, but all I can think about are all the things that could possibly go wrong. Mark and I will board the bus with her next Thursday and go to the school to meet her teacher and some of her classmates. I think that will help me tremendously. And I'm sure it will give her some confidence about riding the bus. She has already said that she is going to be a little nervous about the first day, but she also asks me every day how many more days until school starts!

I guess I am just sad about the fact that she is growing up and that she is leaving her sweet Christian preschool for a public school environment with kids from many cultures, backgrounds, and speaking many different languages. It's just a whole different world from the one she has been exposed to, and it's very different from my experiences in public school. I am so blessed to have good friends who have already sent children to school. Their words are encouraging me and lifting me up in this anxious time. Now if I can just keep from falling apart on the first day!

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