Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of school

My big 5 year old girl ready for kindergarten!
Waiting anxiously for the bus!

She got on board and didn't even look back!
Today was Peyton's first day of kindergarten. She woke up this morning with no problem at all...amazing considering this child usually sleeps in until 8:30! I woke her up at 6:55 and she got up and dressed and came down to breakfast. We had a big breakfast this morning, hash brown quiche and blueberry muffins. The bus was scheduled to come at 8:04, so we walked down to the bus stop around 7:55am. Maya, our neighbor, was also there with her entourage. We had cameras clicking and going crazy as we waited for the bus. It came on time and the girls jumped on without looking back. Before Peyton climbed on, I called her back for a quick hug and kiss and then off she went! She is so excited about kindergarten and about her teacher. I think any nervousness she might have had disappeared as soon as she saw the bus. She has been ready to go for weeks and I think was just so excited that the day was finally here. I'm looking forward to meeting her bus this afternoon and finding out how the day went.

I had been so anxious and nervous about this day since early May, but I've been praying and God really eased my own anxiety. I got a little choked up this morning, but I felt peace about letting her go. I really like her teacher and know that this will be such a growing experience for her, so I'm trusting God to protect her and watch over her while she's out of my sight. Now, if I can just figure out what to do with Liam until he starts preschool!

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America's Top Hand Model said...

you've got one big girl there! so pretty and wow what a big day :)