Thursday, September 17, 2009

Poor Peyton

Peyton fell off of the slide at our neighbor's house on Sunday. I heard her screaming and crying and Mark took off to see what was wrong. He ran out of our back door and jumped the fence to get to her. He brought her home and we put ice on her shoulder and gave her some Ibuprofen. She asked to watch a movie so we figured she was fine. We settled her down with a movie and an hour later she was crying that her shoulder hurt. I had her move her arm all around and touched around on her arm and shoulder trying to feel if anything was broken (like I would know, I'm so not a doctor). She flinched when I touched her shoulder and she couldn't lift her arm very high so I had a feeling something wasn't right.

I ended up calling the pediatrician and asking where to take her, to the emergency clinic or ER. We went to the ER around 5pm and they fast-tracked her. She talked to the doctor and then went for x-rays. As soon as I saw the x-ray on the computer monitor, I knew her collarbone was broken. It was extremely obvious. The doctor came in and confirmed it and then they brought her a sling. She has to wear it for 4-6 weeks. We have an appointment to see her pediatrician next week to find out if we have to go see an orthopedist or if they need another x-ray. She has been such a trooper. She'll take the sling off to go to the bathroom or to sleep, but she's been great about wearing it and not complaining. She did say that she didn't like not being able to do PE! This is the same girl who for the first 2 weeks of school said PE was boring!

We were in and out of the ER in an hour and a half! The care she received was fantastic and we even saw two of her friend's moms who are x-ray techs. They didn't do her x-rays, but they came and talked to her. So our family now has its second broken bone. Mark broke an elbow about 3 years ago and now Peyton's collarbone. I think we've hit our quota. I'd be happy to not have another break!

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