Monday, September 28, 2009

Yummy apple crisp

I saw this recipe not long ago on Donna Boucher's blog, Quiet Life, and had to give it a try. I love apple pie so much, but this recipe is quick and easy and satisfies my apple pie fix a lot quicker than rolling out dough and baking a pie! This one was made with apples purchased at the local farmer's market.

On a completely different subject, I posted some "rules" in our playroom today. They are all very positive, be kind, talk to each other, share, etc. I went over them with my kids and our neighbor's daughter and told them the rules were to help them enjoy their play time together, so they won't spend it fighting and angry with each other. So far it is working. Every few minutes one of the girls will remind the other of one of the rules! They seem to be getting along very well, which is just a huge blessing!

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Stacy said...

That looks yummy! I need to make an apple crisp myself to use up those apples just sitting on the counter.

I clicked on the link to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths...I didn't know about that! That is much less than what Locks of Love want (12 inches vs. 8 inches). I have been thinking of cutting my hair and donating it again, so maybe I'll go that way next time.