Monday, November 2, 2009


Sweet Cinderella and Buzz Lightyear - he calls it Buzz Light, which sounds more like Bud Light!

We had a very long day on Halloween. I met a friend and her two children in downtown Harrisonburg in the morning for Halloween on the Square. Local merchants had candy for the children and there was face painting, music, and a costume contest. Peyton learned quickly that any business that had an orange balloon would also have candy. She kept running ahead and we had to remind her to stay in sight. There were so many kids and their parents and it was a little overwhelming. I was happy to have another set of eyes to help because Mark was working that morning. We trick-or-treated until businesses were running out of candy and then we had lunch at the Artful Dodger. The kids wanted to eat there, but then they were a bit freaked out by the severed limbs decor! They sat in the booth and checked out their loot while we waited for our food.

We picked Mark up at work around 3 and went to the local Nazarene church for Trunk or Treat. That event was awesome. There were cars lined up with decorated/ themed trunks. They gave out candy to the kids. We came home with so much candy that we skipped going around our neighborhood. We did run up the street to visit Mrs. Anne and her husband, JC, and we let the kids answer the door and hand out candy. They loved seeing what everyone was wearing. We also bobbed for apples, something Peyton has been asking about for a while. She thought it was so fun. It was basically a free for all after dinner. I rationed the candy all morning and then we let them go nuts after they ate dinner. Liam's belly was swollen when we gave him a bath! Now we are rationing like crazy. I'll probably end up taking out some of it soon and giving it away.