Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"i am sore"

For those who can't decipher 5 year old writing, the title of this post is in Peyton spelling and means I am sorry. Peyton had the day off from school yesterday for Election Day so we dropped Liam at preschool and spent the morning together. We had a snack at Mr. J's Bagels, went to the park, rode the carousel at the mall and just hung out. I let her decide what we were going to do because we so rarely get to spend one on one time together. Mark came home for lunch and we ate on the deck in the sunshine. Then after lunch I took the kids to the Children's Museum for 2 hours!

We got home and I started to work on dinner while the kids watched an old home movie. In one part of the movie I am singing "Old Dan Tucker" while Peyton and Liam dance on a blanket. Peyton came into the kitchen and asked if I would go get that very specific blanket and sing while they danced. By this time in the day I was exhausted (I haven't been sleeping well, I have some pulled muscles in my neck and shoulder) and I just wanted to get the dishes in the dishwasher and read a chapter from my book before Mark got home and we ate dinner. I suggested that she and Liam could sing for each other or that I would put on some music and she said, "This is why it's more fun when you're not here." I could not believe that she could say that after all we had done that day. I sent her to her room until Mark got home.

Later Mark talked to her about being rude and about how she should try to remember all the things I do for her and that sometimes I'm not going to do something she asks me to do. After dinner she handed me a note that read: "To MAMA FURUM PEYTon i AM SORe FOR BeiNG ROD To You" It was a letter that she wrote without any prompting and I started to cry. I thanked her for her apology and I think I'm going to keep this note forever!

*The picture was taken at Hillandale Park. I did a photo shoot with her and this shot is not edited for color, etc. Her eyes are incredibly blue!

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Anonymous said...

It is so amazing how children behave. One second they have you in tears of frustration and anger, next second tears of happiness and pride. I know my Pey has a temper sometimes but she's definitely a fun-lover and a sweetheart.

(Uncle) Alan