Friday, November 27, 2009

Putting the kids to work

Last weekend was a nice warm one, so Mark got out the paint and some brushes and put Peyton and Liam to work painting their sandbox. They wore smocks and still managed to get paint all over their clothes, shoes, and in their hair! They really had fun and at some point we'll let them paint some colorful designs on it. Maybe we can hire them out as mini paint crew!

Thanksgiving Day was wonderful. We ate lunch with Nonna, Granny, and Uncle Craig, turkey and all the traditional fixings. Then we celebrated Mark's birthday with ice cream cake. Nonna bowls on a league and had received a coupon for 99 cent games so we took the kids to the bowling alley. They loved it. Peyton threw that 6 pound ball right down the lane and did very well. I think she beat me in both games we played. Liam needed help, but he had a lot of fun. I think they both really enjoyed the junk food snacks we shared, maybe more than actually bowling.

We're off to D.C. tomorrow for They Might Be Giants! We told the kids that we were going to a concert and I'm not sure they actually understand yet. They were asking us if we knew the singers and if they would be there. I think they are going to have a blast!


Jennifer Juniper said...

Painting is a messy job, no matter what! I let my boys paint their tree house this summer and I was finding paint in the strangest spots!

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