Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random Stuff

I have been working on my first knitted prayer shawl - VERY slow going!
I crocheted a cozy for our French Press to help keep the coffee warm - it works great and the yarn came from the bag that my grandma-in-law gave me! (THANKS Grandma Lily!)

Not a whole lot going on in the Casa de Meadows these days. School, work, church, hanging out with the kids, nothing too out of the ordinary. Peyton was out of school Friday due to ice a sleet. She loved the fact that she only went to school two days last week! We have rain today and it's dreary! I don't normally mind winter, but for some reason I'm over it. I'm ready for spring already and it's still January!

We moved Liam into a big bed and he's loving that. He feels very grown up and does not want to be called a baby or referred to as a little boy. It's nice to see how independent he is getting. He is finally dressing himself, including shoes and socks. He used to ask us to help and now he tells us that he can do it by himself. I love that they can do more for themselves, but I also love that he still wants to be held and cuddled. Peyton is starting to not "need" hugs and kisses and it makes me a little sad, but she also loves to cuddle on the bed and read. She is reading to us now and it's awesome. Her teacher is sending home pretty tough books for her to read and I'm just amazed by her!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

I love the press cozy, what a great idea! I really need to learn to knit or crochet!