Monday, January 4, 2010

Triple R Ranch Reunion - 300th Post

Mark and I found some low ropes activities in the woods and I thought the giant see-saw was cool!

I was especially excited to see that the fish bench was still in front of the lodge!
I had an incredible opportunity to re-visit my summer camp this past weekend. I was a camper at Triple R Ranch for 7 years and I was on barn staff as a junior and then senior staffer for 4 years. I hadn't been back to camp since 2001, when we went back for a funeral, and I was thrilled to be able to get back for an alumni reunion. It was just unbelievable to step back in time and relive some of my fondest memories. I felt like I was coming home again. I can't adequately express how much I loved being there and how awesome it was to see it again, and to see the exciting changes that are being made.

Triple R was an amazing place for me. It wasn't just a place to ride horses, experience nature, swim, hike, etc. It was a place where I experienced Jesus Christ. I saw people living for Him, worshiping Him, working hard to create a place where campers could have a ton of fun, but the priority was always to "know Christ and to make Him known." I am so pleased that campers are still coming there and walking away with a stronger relationship with Jesus. How awesome to know that new memories are being created, and that although buildings might change and programming might shift, as a new generation comes to camp, young people are getting a chance to know Jesus and to see firsthand people living for Him. It's awesome. I hope to be able to attend future reunions and to maybe one day send my own children there to camp.

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LollyChops said...

It sounds like you made a lifetime of memories at that camp! I only got to go to camp once and it was pretty special. Such nice memories!