Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Tubing

Peyton and Liam were incredible sports about the long wait. They hung out in the tubes and watched the other people in line.

We had a beautiful snowfall on Saturday, about 5-6 inches of powdery, lovely snow. We stayed inside almost all day and then went out around 4pm to shovel the walk and to get some air. I got 95% of the driveway shoveled when my neighbor came by with the Bobcat and did the last little bit. We had to shovel again today because it fell all night. Today all services at church were canceled, so Mark decided we should go snow tubing at Massanutten. We checked the guidelines and you had to be at least 36 inches to go and each person had to be in their own tube. They do allow an adult to go down holding the child's tube, so we figured the children would be fine. We got the tape measure and Liam was about 37 inches! We left the 'burg around 12 and drove up to the resort.

We got the final tickets for the 2-4pm slot and then went and ate lunch. We got all bundled up after lunch and rode the magic carpet to the top of the run. I had watched people go down but didn't realize how fast it was until Peyton and I went the first time. It goes incredibly fast and is crazy fun. I thought at least one of the kids would be nervous but they loved it! We only managed to get down the run 5 times in our two hour slot because it was so crowded. I think if we go again we'll go on a weekday. It's cheaper and less crowded then and would be even more fun. I get to go again on Wednesday night with the fourth and fifth graders from church. My children are not happy about that!

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