Thursday, June 26, 2008

I really am not crazy about summer. I don't like extreme heat and I don't like gnats flying around my head while I'm hanging out in the yard. BUT, I do love drinking iced tea, running around in my sandals, seeing our flowers bloom, and especially watching the kids enjoy outdoor play. They LOVE to do anything with water and we've already pulled the water table and baby pool out twice this summer. I cannot wait for Liam to see the beach for the first time. I hope he's fearless and loves the water. Peyton hasn't been to the beach in three years and I'm looking forward to seeing how she likes it as an almost 4 year old big girl.

The kids are at preschool today and I had coffee with a girlfriend this morning and ran a few errands and then I've been working on editing some photos and printing some for a small album I'm working on, an album of the kids just for me! The wind is really blowing right now, which may signal a change in our weather. I wouldn't mind some more rain this week.

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Bobbi's Book Nook said...

Ah - I'm not crazy about summer either! I thought I was the only one. I don't do heat and I don't like mosquitoes, but they sure love me. I do love drinking iced Cokes, running around in my barefeet, and seeing my flowers bloom.