Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mama, Mommy, Momeeeeee

I never thought I would get sick of hearing my "name" being called, but when a certain 2 year old boy latches on to you and follows you all over the house calling "Mama, Mommy, Momeeeee" it starts to get old. Liam has been really clingy lately and I'm not sure if it's teething or that he's just needing some extra attention, but it's getting to me a little. I took the kids to the park today and we had a blast. They both climbed and slid on the slide, sat on every rock they saw, collected daisies, and just wore themselves out. We came home to a late lunch and now Liam is fast asleep and Peyton is entertaining herself quietly in her room. I'm hoping to get them outside after rest time to maybe do some painting or chalk drawing.

The pest control guys came this morning to spray for ants and told me they had been at our house before. Apparently previous owners had ant issues...fantastic! I hate when we're eating dinner and there's an ant crawling across the table. It totally grosses me out. Hopefully this will work and we won't have any more ants this summer. He told me not to mop around the baseboards or I'll mop up the chemical he sprayed. HURRAY!!! Any excuse not to mop is a good one.

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