Monday, June 2, 2008

Strawberry Fields Forever

We had a tremendously busy weekend. Nonna came up on Thursday for Peyton's end of the session program at school. I got really emotional when the 4 year olds came out in their caps and gowns for graduation. It is a hard thing for me to watch the transitions. I love that my kids are growing up and learning new things, but going from one class to the next at school makes me so sad. I'm amazed that so much time has passed already and that they're growing up so fast!

We went to Milky Way Farm on Friday morning to berry pick and then went to the park in Grottoes for a picnic. The kids weren't very interested in the picking, but they LOVED the park. They played hard and were reluctant to leave. Friday evening mom and I took Peyton to see "The Wind in the Willows," part of the JMU summer children's theatre program. She had a great time and is already talking about wanting to see the next show. We went to peek at the classrooms in theatre II where Mark and I spent a lot of time during college. It was a cool trip down memory lane for me.

Mark and Peyton and I went to Miss Laura's wedding on Saturday morning. She was a beloved teacher to both my kids and our babysitter. It was a very sweet day and they are so in love. It was cool for us to attend a wedding on our 11th anniversary date, to watch a young couple just starting out. I always enjoy hearing what the minister has to say about marriage. I can't believe it's been 11 years! Again, the time is flying past. I hope we have years ahead of us to continue to grow and love each other. I am so blessed in God's choice of Mark for me. I can't say that it was my choice because I really believe that God meant us for each other. This is important to keep in mind during the day to day things that sometimes bog me down. I am so glad we have each other and am glad we continue to learn new things about each other. 11 years haven't even scratched the surface yet!


Haberly said...

I haven't seen many pictures of you, so now I can tell you that you look great!! Your comments about children transitioning and being married brought tears to my eyes. Riley's about to go to preschool and I don't like how I feel about dropping her off somewhere for a few hours regularly, week after week. Trusting in the Lord for all of that, but especially in His choice of spouses, definitely gives perspective and hope when in the low. I love reading your blog and seeing all your pics!

Uncle Craig said...

I can't believe how big they're all getting. It's different to see Liam in pictures without his binky. Next thing you know, they'll both be in college!!