Thursday, July 16, 2009

Garden/ Fresh Produce

Things have been difficult over the past two days. I've had to deal with some major tantrums and drama from the kids, but today has been a great day. They've both been calm and fairly obedient. We've had a few arguments and fights, but nothing like the ENORMOUS tantrums that both of them threw this week.

We are really enjoying the summer, even in all of its busyness and travel. We are trying to buy most of our veggies locally or eat the ones growing in our garden. We have sweet baby tomatoes in 6 varieties that are so close to being ripe. We also have a bunch of delicious green beans that we've enjoyed from the garden. We're going to plant more next year because we only planted two bushes and they're practically gone. I bought a bunch of green beans from local produce stands and have them frozen for winter. I also froze blueberries and strawberries and some broccoli. We're going to attempt to can tomatoes and applesauce this year. I did strawberry and blueberry freezer jam and might can those next year if it's easier to do.

I love living a more "simple" life when it comes to our food. We have eaten out on the deck a lot and are enjoying that time with the kids. I crave that slow time. It sure it better than constantly being on the go. Every summer we try to limit the activities we do and we still end up busy and running around like crazy. At least the things we are doing are fun!

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Carrie said...

yummy yummy yummy... and try this site... I'm finding it helpful! Click articles... there are some good ones. I also got a new one today... Don't know if these line up with your style... maybe it just helps to know that someone else is out there dealing with this stuff. Kiss the beautiful kids for me!