Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I am trying to keep a positive outlook and be mindful that my time with the kids is really limited (in the span of their lives), but seriously, they are going to make me crazy. They just nitpick and fight and argue and scream blood-curdling screams that make Randy go run and hide in the backyard. This summer has forced them to be out of any real routine and they are suffering for it. I try to keep lunch/ rest times around the same time each day and that helps, but they are just so mean to each other.

Today I sat down to eat lunch first and told them that I would make theirs after I had eaten. I was so hungry and needed to get my blood sugar up pronto and so I figured I'd heat up some leftovers and eat quickly. I had to get up at least twice to tell them to knock it off (the fighting) and then I had to deal with their whining that it wasn't fair that I was eating and that they were starving. I feed them first every day. I always wait because inevitably as soon as I sit down to my lunch, I have to get up to get them more food or to refill their drink. My food ends up cold and I'm frustrated and hungry and cranky, so I just usually wait. I cannot believe how selfish they can be. I guess that's the nature of most children. We cater to them and do everything for them and so they don't understand what it means to patiently wait for things. Mark and I often tell them they have to wait and we remind them of the things we do for them that they forget, but I guess we need to do it more.

Anyway, here's my perspective, a picture of Liam blowing a spit bubble that is funny, even though it's kind of gross! I keep thinking, they're only little for so long and pretty soon they won't even want me around. They'll be too independent for me.

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