Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bread Maker Experimentation

I LOVE having a bread maker. We had one when we were first married and used it at least once a week until it died. We went without for a long time and then got one as a gift last Christmas and we've used it about twice a week for the past year. I was always content to let the machine do all the work for me, kneading, rising, and baking, but this week I made two recipes that required taking the dough out, shaping it, letting it rise, and then baking it. I made the cinnamon rolls earlier in the week and then last night I made a pesto bread. This was a delicious recipe and our whole house smelled great. Basically once the dough was ready I rolled it out, spread it with pesto, let it rise, and then baked it. YUMMY! Maybe one of these days I'll actually do the whole thing from scratch without using the machine at all. My grandma was here on Easter Sunday and she was fascinated by the bread maker. Her mother used to make all kinds of bread from scratch. In fact, when my dad and his siblings asked her how she got such big muscles, she would say from bread. They thought she meant eating it, but it was the kneading that gave her such biceps! I just love that I can make fresh bread so easily. In fact, the bread maker is going now making a french bread for tomorrow night's french toast breakfast for dinner, and then later today I'm making pizza dough for Pizza Thursday!

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Haberly said...

Hey, I'd love to know what basic recipes you use for wheat, french, italian, etc. I like using my breadmaker too, but the recipes that came with the machine turn out really dense and dry. Any suggestions?