Sunday, April 13, 2008

spring time blossoms

I did some planting this weekend and discovered new blooms on my pansies! The top picture shows the coral bells we planted on the side of the house. I'm hoping they get big and help fill in a gap in the landscaping. I'm going to try to root some forsythia and plant it. My neighbor said I could cut some off her bushes, so I need to do that soon. Spring makes me want to plant and get my hands dirty in the yard. Mark started tilling the garden area yesterday. He's added some landscape timbers to give the garden some separation and soon we'll be planting it! He planted different vegetable seeds in peat pots last night and also planted some lettuce in a planter that we'll keep on our deck. We can't plant any type of lettuce greens in the yard because the rabbits will eat them. They don't seem to care about tomatoes or cucumbers! Woo Hoo for spring!

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