Monday, November 3, 2008


She wore these heels almost the whole night. She changed to crocs after she tripped on some stairs and scraped her knee.
Seriously mom, turn off the camera and let's go! (See Mr. Peanuts' ear in Liam's pumpkin? He went trick or treating with us.)

This year was my first Halloween at home with the kids. We have been at Nonna's for the past few years enjoying her church's fall festival. We decided to take the kids trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. We chose costumes from the dress up box and they were really excited to go out. We had to make them wait until 6:30pm to leave. I was surprised at how few people on our street were actually participating. We had hoped to just do our street and be done, but we had to choose another street so the kids could get some candy and to make the event last longer than 15 minutes! Peyton and Liam went right up to the doors and had no problems ringing the bell, but they did have trouble just saying, "Trick or Treat." They would say, "Happy Halloween" or just stand silently when people opened their doors, but they were pretty consistent about saying their thank yous!

Liam did have a freak out moment when this man answered the door in a black cape and creepy mask. I was standing behind him and Mark and he shrieked and started screaming for me. Another man had to come and give the candy to Peyton, but that was the beginning of the end for Liam. He told Mark about 10 minutes later that we wanted to go home. They went home and Peyton and I visited a few more neighbors before we called it a night. We ended up back home with a big bowl of popcorn and the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin DVD. We let them eat a few things from their pumpkins before they went to bed. They have a TON of candy and we ended up with a bunch of leftover candy too. I think we had about 10, maybe 15, kids come to our door all night. It seems like maybe door to door trick or treating is going away. We might try to find a fall festival next year where the kids can play games and get candy.

We had a great weekend at home too. The Charlottesville cousins came to spend the day on Saturday and we did the farmer's market, bakery, and children's museum. Then Sunday was a calm day of church and outdoor play. We are soaking up all the sun we can during these next few days. It is sunny and warm and gorgeous.

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