Friday, November 21, 2008

Liam's turn

Yellow JMU hair and silly Liam posing for the camera

Liam had a hair cut today. We went to visit my friend, Lisa, out in Mt. Solon for the cut. It's a long way to drive, but she is so great with the kids and I love the end result. Liam looks like a little man every time he gets a hair cut. He wasn't scared about sitting in the chair because he held my hand the whole time. He also got really freaked out when these two sweet old ladies came in the salon. I'm not sure why, but he called out to me and wanted out of the chair immediately. One of them was wearing a white turban thing on her head and it may have just looked odd to him. Who knows? He can be a scaredy cat sometimes. But he can also be most entertaining!

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