Monday, November 24, 2008

Not the holiday card picture

Well this is NOT going to be our holiday card picture. After Liam's nap yesterday I pulled out the tripod and the camera and we set ourselves up on the front porch. Out of all the pictures I took, this one was my favorite, except for (and maybe a little because of) Peyton's face. I laughed a lot and then we took another one which will be the one on the Christmas card. I designed the card myself this year and I'm printing them at home. I have a photo printer that is great so I figured I would give it a try. I'm not sure if it ends up being cheaper because I had to buy paper, envelopes, and an ink cartridge. Hopefully I'll have enough ink to print 60 of them!

I made pecan caramel cinnamon rolls over the weekend. They were amazing! But I also discovered that my breadmaker pan was leaking. I have a number to call about ordering a new pan and I need to do it soon. We use our machine at least once a week and I can't stand being without it. I'm gearing up to make 2 apple pies and Mark's cake on Tuesday and Wednesday. I may need to wear some loose pants on Thursday to give me room to eat lots of turkey!

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