Thursday, February 12, 2009

Corners - 12

The kids decorated hearts for Valentine's Day and we taped them all over the doors in our kitchen.

It is CRAZY windy here today with gusts up to 60mph. I keep checking our yard for debris and so far haven't seen anything. I've been praying for safety because it is wild to hear the wind whipping so hard around the house and it creeps me out! We had a chunk of paint on the outside of our house that had started to peel and the wind has ripped it right off. Looks like we'll be calling some house painters soon.

Speaking of painting, I'm in the process of painting our bedroom today. Not long after we moved in I painted both kid's rooms, their bathroom, and our bathroom, but then I stalled out and didn't touch any of the paint stuff for a long while. I got inspired this week and have finished all the trim, the ceiling, and the first coat on the wall. I'm letting it dry a bit before I tackle the second coat. I can't wait to see it done! Then I'll hopefully get inspired to do the dining room. I cannot stand the magenta color in that room. Mark and I chose a dark red and I'm looking forward to getting that done and the other two rooms on the main level. Then I can call it done for a while. I'll tackle the basement some other year!

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