Saturday, February 14, 2009

Corners - 14

For those who celebrate, Happy Valentine's Day. We don't really do anything for v-day around here. The kids got loads of candy from preschool and cards and goodies from their grandparents, but Mark and I have never really celebrated. Mark is hanging lights for a local play so he's been gone all day. The kids and I went to the farmer's market for fresh homemade hummus and soup and locally grown potatoes. We had a snack at Shank's Bakery, where both kids spilled milk all over the floor, and then we spent some time at the library. We had a busy morning and now they're both resting. Mark's schedule today is really hard to pin down, so I'll probably cook dinner for the kids and we'll eat later tonight. I have a vegetarian stir-fry I want to try and I'm not sure the kids would like it, so we'll probably eat that after they go to bed.

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