Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Corners - 24 & 25

There are always little shoes around the house, sitting on the steps, on the shelf in the kitchen, thrown around the floor, etc.

And we have our first sign of spring in the yard, daffodils are just starting to peek out of the mulch..woo hoo! Peyton and Liam helped me plant bulbs in the fall and I was a little worried about whether or not we planted them deep enough, but they are growing! I'm so excited to know we'll have daffodils (and hopefully a few hyacinths)!

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April, Kevin, Amelia, and Tessa said...

This made me laugh...I'd be way to embarrassed to show a picture of my stairs, especially the corners. And that's really bad considering we just got our carpets cleaned. Yours look so pretty :)