Saturday, February 7, 2009

Corners - 7

A now familiar sight in our house as I learned how to crochet and have various projects in the works. I'm trying to tackle one thing at a time and not get too excited. The yarn in the picture above turned into a blanket for my nephew, Ben (picture below). I had so much fun learning how to make granny squares and I love the way this giant granny square quilt turned out. I might have to make one for my own bed at some point. I have one project going now and 3 others planned and I keep finding things that look like they would be fun to do.

Mark and I are heading to Charlottesville today to see a show at the Paramount. We are both excited about spending some time together. We'll probably leave after lunch and spend some time roaming the downtown mall before dinner and the show. I thank God everyday for my mom's willingness to be here for my kids. I'm so glad to know that they'll be having fun while we're away.

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