Friday, February 20, 2009

Corners - 20

Liam is a Lego boy. This morning he woke up and as he was walking down the hall, he told me he didn't want to eat breakfast, he wanted to play. Then he asked Mark if he would play Legos with him. The Legos are almost always strewn across the floor or in some elaborate configuration that the kids call a castle or a car or a house, etc. We have the big quatro Legos, but I think we'll be graduating to the Duplos soon, they're a little smaller. I'm not quite ready for the real tiny ones yet. I'm not ready to step on them or to have Peyton put them in her mouth or to be searching for lost ones.

I'm taking the kids to Charlottesville today to pick up my two nieces. We're keeping them this weekend while their parents move. I'm so excited to have them here. Peyton and Liam have been excited all week. We're going to have a giant slumber party in the playroom and eat lots of junk food!

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