Sunday, March 22, 2009

Meadow Farm/ Crump Manor

Peyton, Liam, and I spent the last few days in Richmond with my mom. I went to consign some clothing and baby stuff at her church, but I also attended a luncheon with mom and celebrated my brother's birthday. We had a busy three days, but we managed to find time to take the kids to the park. There is a park near mom's house that once was a farm. They have Civil War reenactments there and also host schools for field trips. We didn't go up to the farmhouse, but spent the whole time at the playground. The weather was a bit more chilly than I expected, but the kids don't seem to mind the cold like I do.

Busy week ahead, VBS meeting, taking dinner to a family with a new baby, movie night at church, Peyton's dance class, and two days of preschool for the kids. Hope to find some time to enjoy the spring-like weather!

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