Monday, March 30, 2009

My poor boy

Liam had a rough Sunday. He fell down our wooden basement steps after church and we have no idea how it happened. One second he was standing in the doorway between the kitchen and hallway and literally a second later we heard bumps and thumps. My mom and I both went flying down the stairs. I don't think he bumped his head because he landed at the bottom of the stairs face up on his belly. A few hugs and kisses and he was fine.

Later that afternoon he and Peyton were cuddled up on the couch watching a movie. They played outside for hours and were exhausted so we turned on a video while dinner was cooking. I was in the kitchen when I heard a slam followed by crying and Peyton yelled, "Liam just fell off the couch!" He must have hit the end table because he had a bloody scrape beside his eye and it was all swollen. He woke up today with a pretty good black eye! I'm sure it won't be the first one. I asked him this morning if it hurt and he said no. It wasn't easy to get a picture because he wasn't in the mood this morning for a photo shoot, but I managed to get a couple of good one.

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