Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter egg hunt

Our church hosted an Easter egg hunt this morning at the home of a church member. The rain stopped yesterday, but the wind kicked up and was fierce. We ended up having pretty good weather, not too cold and not too windy. There were between 15 - 20 kids and 500 eggs! Peyton and Liam filled their buckets quickly. The kids were incredibly sweet and helpful to one another, the big ones were helping the little ones to fill their baskets. They had a lot of fun running around grabbing eggs and then opening them and checking out their stash! They formed little groups to swap and trade sweets. What a HUGE difference compared to one I attended in our community pre-kids. The parents were so competitive and the kids were shoving each other out of the way...I swore I would never go again. After the eggs were all gathered, the kids gathered around to listen to the Easter story. It was a very sweet morning.

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