Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Route 11 Potato Chips...YUMMY

Eating chips and drinking "beer" (root beer that is)
Rockingham County....the turkey capital (it says so on the statue)
On Friday I got the crazy idea to take the kids to Mt. Jackson to the Route 11 potato chip factory. We called first to make sure they were cooking chips that day. There is nothing worse than making that drive and only getting to eat chips (we've done this twice)! Peyton and Liam were really interested in watching the peeled potatoes shoot out of the hopper into the oil, but they were the most interested in sampling the chips. I watched to make sure they didn't eat too many and we did end up leaving with a sampler box and a big bag of sweet potato chips!

We drove Route 11 back to the 'burg and stopped in New Market to say hi to a friend, then we saw the turkey statue so we had to stop. Peyton thought it was pretty funny, but then she saw something in the field behind the turkey and she yelled, "Hey, somebody chucked their underwear into that field!" Then Liam was yelling, "Where? Where da underwear?" I love being able to load them into the car and just take off. They are always up for a new adventure!

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