Monday, March 3, 2008

Fun weekend

We had a very busy weekend. We traveled to Richmond late Friday evening and took Peyton to see "Little Red Riding Hood" on Saturday morning. Nonna won the tickets in a raffle and was excited to be able to take Peyton to the show. While we were at the show, Uncle Craig took Liam to the playground. Liam went down the slide about 30 times yelling "Gen" at the bottom. I think Craig was well worn out by the end of the morning! We had dinner with the Wileys that evening. Abel had wanted to know where Peyton was the previous Sunday, so we got them together for a play date. They ran all over the house and yard and had a great time.

On our way home on Sunday we stopped to visit one of my college roommates, Lisa. We found each other on the internet about a year ago and when I realized she was so close to Richmond, I hoped to be able to visit. It was such a special treat to see our kids playing together and to catch up. I swear it was like we parted yesterday, not 10 years ago! I think it is a very special blessing to be able to reconnect with friends from the past.

We had 65 degree weather feels like spring is just around the corner. We've noticed that the rabbits have really come out in the neighborhood, as have the kids. There are more kids out playing in the afternoons and evenings. We spent the morning and late afternoon playing in the sandbox and running all over the yard. I love this time of year and I'm really excited that they can burn off some of their energy outside!

Liam has his 18 month doctor appointment tomorrow and both kids are getting a Hepatitis A booster. Peyton keeps telling me that Liam has to get his shot first, so that's the plan for now. Mark is going to meet me at the doctor for support! I hate being the one that has to hold them down for shots, it just makes me feel like the bad guy.

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